This page is meant as a placeholder for links to other published work, most of which have appeared in either the Sacramento News & Review, Edible Sacramento magazine, the North Coast Journal or TinyMixTapes under the moniker “Hanky Panky.” Any other posts can be found on my health and fitness blog Hella Outside.

Articles listed in reverse chronological order:

Family First: Bogle Vineyards balances sustainable innovation and tradition, Edible Sacramento, Fall 2017

Protesters Sink Sacramento Picketing Provision, Voices: River City, Aug. 18, 2017

WWEarnest, SN&R Aug. 17, 2017

Noise Therapy, SN&R Aug. 10, 2017

Harmonizing for a Higher Purpose, SN&R May 11 2017

Food for Thought, Edible Sacramento May 2017

Busting Open Busking, SN&R Mar. 09, 2017

Best 50 Restaurants, SN&R (contributor) Nov. 10, 2016

Wine Trippin’- Beyond Napa, SN&R Oct. 27, 2016

Best of Sacramento 2016 Food & Drink, SN&R (contributor) Sept.22, 2016

Just Dance: Capital Dance Project Returns, SN&R, Aug 25, 2016

Farmer’s Daughter, Edible Sacramento Magazine, May/June 2016 issue

Sacramento City Beer Guide, Edible Sacramento Magazine, July/Aug 2015 issue

Sacramento’s Food Network, Edible Sacramento Magazine, May/June 2015 issue

No Pants Required: A Slacker’s Style Guide, SN&R, January 15, 2015

Malty Matchmakers, Edible Sacramento Magazine, Fall 2014

The Olive Orchard, Edible Sacramento Magazine, Spring 2014

Yisrael’s Urban Garden, Edible Sacramento Magazine, Spring 2014

Soundscapes and Early Summer Soundtracks SN&R March 6, 2014

Drunk du Jour: Mardi Gras Edition Sacramento Foodways March 4, 2014

Yoga, Sacramento Style SN&R February 13, 2014

Trend Setters: 45 Trends Set to Succeed or Fail in Sacramento SN&R January 30, 2014

Yesterday & Today SN&R January 30, 2014

Get Out of The House Already SN&R January 16, 2014

Hella Jams, Church, and Music as Therapy SN&R December 26, 2013

Buy. Eat. Drink SN&R December 12, 2013

From Boys to Beleaguered Has-Beens SN&R December 12, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide (Writer Pick) SN&R November 28,2013

Boy Bands, Grunge, and Motor-boating Tomcats (Column Split) SN&R November 7, 2013

Time Lapse Melodies (Column Split) SN&R October 24, 2013

Musical Mind Workout (Column Split) SN&R October 3, 2013

Artober Event Picks (Writer Pick) SN&R September 26, 2013

Ride With The Undead (Writer Pick) SN&R September 26, 2013

Weird Tasty Nuggets (Column Split) SN&R September 19, 2013

Best of Sacramento: Blackbird Kitchen and Bar (Writer Pick) SN&R September 12, 2013

Best of Sacramento: Gogi’s Korean BBQ (Writer Pick) Sacramento News & Review September 12, 2013

Keep it in your headphones (Column Split) Sacramento News & Review September 5, 2013

The Hive Mind (Interview) Sacramento News & Review September 5, 2013

Drunken plant history (ARTICLE) Sacramento News & Review August 29, 2013

Get up, dance, and then sleep (Column Split) Sacramento News & Review August 29, 2013

Art as unironic imitation and nostalgia (Column Split) Sacramento News & Review August 8, 2013

French kisses and irony (Column) Sacramento News & Review July 18, 2013

Begin again (Column Split) Sacramento News & Review July 11, 2013

Hot weather jams and high-school spanish (Column Split) Sacramento News & Review July 4, 2013

Hey, mom’s gotta rock too (Column Split) Sacramento News & Review June 27, 2013

Sex, drugs and the not-bummer summer (Column Split) Sacramento News & Review June 13, 2013

Sweaty pilgrims and other uncomfortable truths (ARTICLE) Sacramento News & Review November 29, 2012

Whiskey, Wild (ARTICLE) Sacramento News & Review October 4, 2012

Looming Side of the Sacramento Scene: Chelsea Wolfe, ESS, and Screature Perform (REVIEW) Sacramento News & Review September 13, 2012

Midtown Cocktail Week is over, but Sacramento is still a booze-sopped city (ARTICLE) Sacramento News & Review August 30, 2012

“There are musicians on stage, but they don’t seem to be touching their instruments” (REVIEW) – Sacramento News & Review March 12, 2012

“East Sac Dive” (ARTICLE) – Sacramento News & Review August 31, 2011

Free Floating Chemical Weapon” (NEWS) – Sacramento News & Review August 18, 2011

Sacramento Bucket List (ARTICLE) – Sacramento News & Review July 28, 2011

Patriotism (wrapped in bacon) (ARTICLE) – Sacramento News & Review July 7, 2011

Drunk Swan (ARTICLE) – Sacramento News & Review May 26, 2011

Her First Super Bowl (ARTICLE) – Sacramento News & Review Feb. 10, 2011

Jaworski Is My Sherpa; Non-Scientific Observations of The Mt. Fuji Records Showcase review (EVENT) – LPM Voice Nov. 25, 2009

The Dutchess And The Duke, Nothing To Fear But Happily Ever After review (CD) – LPM Voice Nov. 18, 2009

Reading The OED review (BOOK) – NCJ Oct. 15, 2009

The Hum (Column)- NCJ April 23, 2009

Fleet Foxes review (EVENT)- NCJ April 23, 2009

Ghostride The Whip: The Hyphy Movement review (DVD)- NCJ Mar. 19, 2009

Themselves review (EVENT)- NCJ Mar. 12, 2009

Kool Keith- Dr. Octagon vs. Dr. Dooom review (EVENT)- NCJ Mar. 5, 2009

The Music Man; Nivella Studio Opening (ARTICLE)- NCJ Feb. 26, 2009

KRFH Benefit Show with Restiform Bodies review (EVENT)- NCJ Feb. 20. 2009

Baby Jocks; New Students of A Dying Medium (ARTICLE)- NCJ Feb. 19, 2009

Animal Collective- Merriweather Post Pavilion review (CD)- NCJ Feb. 5, 2009

Thelittlestillnotbigenough- Thebignooneunderstandsme review (CD)- NCJ Jan. 1, 2009

Top 5+ of 2008- NCJ Dec. 25, 2008

Hanging With The Hipsters; Hunter Plaid Gallery (ARTICLE)- NCJ Dec. 4, 2008

33 1/3 Master Of Reality by John Darnielle review (BOOK)- NCJ Nov. 13, 2008

Starving Weirds Halloween House Show review (EVENT)- TMT Oct. 31, 2008

Foot Village- Friendship Nation review (CD)- NCJ Aug. 21, 2008

Girl Talk- Feed The Animals review (CD)- NCJ July 31, 2008

Triclops!- Out Of Africa review (CD)- NCJ June 26, 2008

Fuck Buttons- Street Horrrsing review (CD)- NCJ May 29, 2008

Rob Crow Waxes Enthusiastic (INTERVIEW)- TMT April 2008

97 cents of Christmas Cheer (ARTICLE)- TMT Dec. 2007

Heart and Sol of San Cristobal (ARTICLE)- The Osprey Spring 2007

This American Town (ARTICLE) HSU Travel Journal Spring 2007

Pre- Dec. 2007 TinyMixTapes article backlog here