James Blake x Bon Iver = Boo Boo

by juli boggs

First of all Bon Iver, drop the quaint woodsman thing, it’s too hot for wool. Secondly, with James Blake? Why don’t you guys just jack each other off and get it over with instead of pandering a track to your upwardly-mobile and bearded fan base that sounds like someone is drowning Prince?

The debut track of what the duo is calling Fall Creek Boys Choir features neither creeks nor boys choirs, but a repeating clip of what sounds like either inhaled hiccups or an owl hooting in reverse. And didn’t we all agree that if you have as solid a voice as Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon wields with such fluidity, there is absolutely no reason to use auto-tune? This defies both good sense and good taste in one fell swoop. Mauvais hiver! Try again Bon Blake.

I cannot recommend you check this out, but for your own morbid curiosity you can find the track below.


* tee-hee feature image by Too Good For Radio