Another post by “Your Name Here”

by juli boggs

Browsing through the San Francisco-based Prelinger internet archives today I stumbled upon a 1960’s generic promotional film where companies are meant to superimpose their product name and images at certain points to personalize the advertisement. It is called, in its raw form “Your Name Here” and describes the “Your Name Here” Story, whereupon America had always been in need of a “your product here” but was constantly eluded. After a freak accident “your product” came into existence, pushing “your company name” into the ranks of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln (use Robert E Lee here if desired), Franklin D. Roosevelt (use Dwight D. Eisenhower here if desired), “and the other heroic figures who like ‘your company president here’ dedicated their lives to humanity and whose contributions to the betterment of mankind will never be forgotten.”

I can’t wait to use this for my own promotional purposes.
As I’m not at the moment able to embed the video, check it out at its original location here.