Rejection of man-folk vs. Los Angeles

by juli boggs

There are some things I have to get off my chest. (Hey, eyes up here please.)

Over the past six months I’ve been a bit remiss with the music world, which I’m going to come out and blame Facebook for. There’s really no excuse for how involved I am with the miniscule details of my elementary-school acquaintances rather than keeping up appearances with pop culture (note: I need a day job). My negligence did not however signify the go-ahead for LA to drown out music-blogs-of-the-universe-unite with mediocre, cooing, 50’s throwback, chick rock outfits. I’m talking about Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast, Warpaint, Cult (though Cult is actually Brooklyn’s fault). The exclusion to this rule would be LA’s Nite Jewel, which is just electro enough to not wholly mimic the terrible disaster that is Seattle’s keyboard/ synth act Glacier Saint which falls unbelievably flat of every note, every song and creates a truly embarrassing live experience.

I’ve also noticed a lot of bands doing the big orchestration, many-manned harmony thing. To this I say, as a rule, if the Beach Boys did it better, leave it alone. Especially if you’re not Grizzly Bear.

Now for what I can get behind: FUR (out of Denton), Hard Mix (via South Carolina), and CEO (the side project of Tough Alliance’s Erik Berglund of Sweden).

If you’re familiar with any of these sounds, I offer a couple of reasons accounting for my half-hearted condemnation vs. ardent support.

1) I will admit that I go through extreme phases of being truly turned off by girl bands. Maybe this is some sort of internalization of sexism or the rejection of my own femininity, but I will say that I go through equal phases of rejecting that genre which I call “man-folk”.

2) I go through semi-annual periods where I’m really, really into Boards of Canada which leads to an increased interest in mildly psychedelic, glitchy electronic jams such as FUR, Hard Mix, and CEO. This is not wrong.

In short, you just can’t trust Gorilla Vs. Bear.

Hear FUR’s skitchy glitchy track “Polybreak” here:
Fur – Polybreak by Crossfire Music