Mid-week weekend recovery

by juli boggs

This weekend was an exhausting cavalcade of socialization…
Between the numerous barbeques, parties, and shows we digested over the last five days, Foot Village and Stephen Steinbrink were the action-affirming entities that made it all worth it. Sometimes I feel so bogged down by the same approach to art and music it can turn a show into a chore, but Foot Village definitely breaks that cycle in a primal-release sort of way (it’s true, sometimes I do just want to yell as loud as I fucking can while beating a drum set to death), and Steinbrink, as a balancing act, is just brilliantly calming: perfect words, perfect rhythms, and vastly talented at clasping the two together.

We caught Foot Village at ORMF where we were set up to record all the happenings for some sort of ultra-multi-media compilation existing now only in raw data and our imaginations and I am joyfully lost among the possibilities. While innovation continues to blossom, it is also a process full of hindsight where I wish my camcorder had had a higher resolution, that my recorder had been switched to high gain, and that I had taken more pictures with my digital camera rather than the hand cam. But none of that matters now. I comfort myself with the mantra “make it work.”

It’s nice to have a project because I really allow myself to focus as I can never do when I’m just toying with ideas on my own time. Something about a deadline, even a loose one, kicks me into gear. I’m also really distracted by my reinvigorated motivation to learn everything at once. There are something like six or seven tabs open on my browser at all times referencing Adobe tutorials, html codes (why do I know so little about this?), and then the more tangentially related subjects like astronomy, because taking on overwhelming projects makes me question the universe and everything I never knew about the moon.