by juli boggs

This is a last minute plug for the KDVS Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom Festival IX coming up this Sunday May, 23. It’s going to be a rousing long day of excellent music including Foot Village, A-Frames, Chelsea Wolfe, X, and a whole bunch of bands I’ve never heard of but am anticipating great things from.

Get yourself out there at 2pm. The fest runs through 10 and I’ll be there all day filming hyper important, high quality, professional, archival footage of people getting drunk, people playing music, and whatever unfortunate shenanigans I happen to get in the way of.

If you can’t make it out there, you ought to at least stop by midtown to visit with Stephen Steinbrink who is currently on a west coast tour heading north, before cutting through the northern-lands all the way east.

Poster for O:RMF hand drawn by Steven Sessler. Beautiful.