Video Killed The Easter Bunny

by juli boggs

I have a terrible habit of only updating this page on holidays. Perhaps I’m reminded of scaring memories past that I must therapeutically share in order to fully put them behind me, like that one Easter 14 years ago when I ate an unreasonably large white-chocolate crucifix and was so stricken with sickness I cannot to this day consider white chocolate as edible or enticing in the slightest. I’m happy to say that this Easter is going much better. Who manufactures a candy crucifix anyway? Reminds me of that Tom Wait’s song “Chocolate Jesus.”

Since Valentine’s Day, I have moved back to California in order to eat an extraordinary amount of fish tacos and ride my bicycle along the American River. For the most part, I have succeeded in these endeavors.

A couple of days ago, having tired of fish tacos and bike rides, some friends and I decided to make a music video for one of said friend’s creative projects called DoofyDoo. We employed some hellaciously mediocre editing techniques and are really quite pleased with the results. More movies to come! I hope.