Stephen Steinbrink

by juli boggs

Before I had coffee, before I brushed my teeth, before I even swung my feet over the side of the bed to wriggle my sleepy toes into the carpet, I reached for my computer and put on the new Stephen Steinbrink. That’s how crucial his new album Ugly Unknowns is to my summer existence.

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At just 21 years old, the capable Arizonian is a member of Gilgongo Records alongside such artists as Hell-Kite, Foot Village, and Married In Birdichev. Previously performing under the moniker French Quarter, he now chooses to perform under his own name, Stephen Steinbrink, to which is latest album is credited.

Besides the calming beauty of his kindly voice, Steinbrink has an obvious way with words, articulately crafting contemplative and poetic songs reflecting his search for truth, morality and stability. Songs such as “On Sleeping” and “My Best Intent” prove brutally catchy with their simple guitar riffs paired with Steinbrink’s peacefully ringing melodies. In the words of Gilgongo, Ugly Unknowns are “blissful and uplifting survival songs recorded throughout Arizona at various friends’ houses. Urgent, sincere and real.”

Try it out from Bolachas Gratis here, then kick down some dough for the real thing here.

Be sure to check out his blog and catch him along the way of his following tour with Foot Ox:

6.25.09 – Portland, OR – Da Punx Palace w/ Bri White

6.26.09 – Olympia, WA – ABC House W/ Polka Dot Dot Dot, LAKE

6.27.09 – Seattle, WA – Healthy Times Fun Club w/ iji, Your Heart Breaks, Calvin Johnson

6.29.09 – Arcata, CA – The Green House w/ Watercolor Paintings, David Jaberi

7.01.09 – Sacramento, CA – Cosmic Cafe w/ ALAK

7.02.09 – Davis, CA – Robot Rocket House w/ ALAK

7.03.09 – San Francisco, CA – The Oven

7.06.09 – Isla Vista, CA – Isla Vista Food Co-op

7.07.09 – Los Angeles, CA – Women w/ Whitman

7.08.09 – Long Beach, CA – The Hickey Underworld

7.09.09 – San Diego, CA – The Boat House

7.10.09 – Tucson, AZ – The HangArt

7.11.09 – Flagstaff, AZ – Killian and Jonathan’s House

7.12.09 – Phoenix, AZ – The Trunk Space w/ Bri White