The Increasingly Apparent Microcosm

by juli boggs

Apparently there’s a direct correlation between the size of the world and the amount of time you spend on social networks. For starters, when your friend’s new roommate Troy says he’s playing a potluck show and turns out to be Dead Western, who you knew through a month-long email correspondence while trying to set him up with a show in Arcata.

When the band spending the night on Troy and Drew’s floor has the exact same colour, make, and model car as you and park it next to yours, which is confusing at first.

When you sit around listening to KDVS all afternoon and find a reason to re-fall in love with radio because of a show called Frizzltroniks & Plunderphonics, an experimental mashup show that turns out to be DJ-ed by Encephalous, the man behind Pretty Hemp Princess.

When your friend joins two other bands- Chelsea Wolf, the girl who opened for Shelby Sifers the time we met Skip from Estereo, as well as Alak, formerly Alas Alak Alaska, who played a show at your house a few years back.

Le sigh. The coincidences you find when you’re looking for them.