Packing Playlist

by juli boggs

Days go by and I continue packing. Not much left anymore. Just cardboard-box towers holding all the ticket stubs, show flyers, and albums I couldn’t bear to throw away yet.

Packing requires an eclectic playlist to keep you going- old favorites that cheer you up along with upbeat new stuff devoid of any sentimental value so you can throw stuff away without tearing up. The playlist over the past few days has consisted of a lot of this:

The Monks- Black Monk Time, A great re-release by Light In The Attic of a 60’s garage classic. Taking their place as the Anti-Beatles, The Monks were ex-army boys in Germany who started a rock band after their tour of duty was up. Complete with shaved heads, monk robes, and neck-tie nooses, they set out to make dissonant, angry music for the ugly world around them, and ended up with a ranting, raving underground classic that gains a wider audience each time it’s re-released (this edition marks the 6th). This album is new to me and I’ve only listened to it a couple of times through, though I’ve already picked my favorites to sing along with, most notably “Drunken Maria.” Strikes me as an apt title for a radio show whenever I get to wherever it is I’m going.

The Animals- The Singles Plus, I’m not one to condone “Best of” compilations, but I do make casual exceptions when it comes to introducing myself to a band with a large catalog. In this case, The Singles Plus contains well, the classics, which is exactly what I was looking to hear. Nina Simone cover “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” “House of The Rising Sun,” and of course, my packing theme song, “We’ve Got to Get Out of This Place.” The only thing that it’s really missing is their epically funny “Story of Bo Diddly,” a story-song that includes their own brief musical history up through the 1960s with small impressions including the Beatles’ “Hard Days Night” and Bo Diddley himself.

Sunset Rubdown- Dragonslayer, because Spencer Krug involves himself in such a variety of projects, it’s totally possible to listen to several new releases of his a year. As Stereogum aptly noted, Krug releases usually come in a round of three: Swan Lake, Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, repeat. As Swan Lake recently put out Enemy Mine, and Wolf Parade has just released At Mount Zoomer, it’s high time for new Rubdown release, which June 23 will officially bring via Jagjaguwar.

I loved Dragonslayer as soon as I put it on, and my fondness for it grows with every listen. With great lyrics and pure rocking passionate, it’s looking to be my album of the summer. While I want to gush my praise by quoting every line and hailing it as “genius!”, I’ll resist, merely  quoting the first of many great lines of Idiot Heart, “No, I was never much of a dancer but I know enough to know you gotta move, your idiot body around.” So true.