A Post Graduate Post

by juli boggs

Well, graduation was a success in that it occurred and I didn’t trip while crossing the stage. It started off at the ungodly hour of 8:30 in the morning with all the cold and fog that the hour entails. This is me doing my best graduation airplane arms.

I love California graduation shots because everyone’s invariably wearing sunglasses. It makes the whole event feel that much hipper.

Now that I’ve moved on from the student thing, I’ve taken a temporary PR gig for the Fortuna Rodeo despite the fact that I’ve never been to a rodeo. On the side we’re getting Das Gast Haus all ready for re-sale, a terrifying undertaking that entails throwing away four years worth of accrued knick-knackery and boxes of things I “just can’t” do without. Tis the season for a yard sale.