Astronautalis and Bleubird Show

by juli boggs


Small but mighty, the Astronautalis/ Bleubird/ Cars & Trains show last night was a righteous success considering its last minute logistical issues. Starting around 9:30, Portland based Cars & Trains played a laptop engineered/ multi-instrumental set with live trumpet, strings and xylophone as onlookers pulled chairs in close. Others in the back continued unabated to play the liveliest rounds of Twister I’ve seen since I was six.

Florida-based Italian rapper Bleubird came up next, as chairs were cleared away in favor for intimate standing room. Rapping rapid-fire lists such as the entire wendy’s 99 cent menu paired with every president of the United States, and all 25 countries the US has bombed since WWII paired with every former member of the Wu Tang Clang, Bleubird provided a hilarious, high-intensity amalgam of freestyle and comedy. The most satisfying of its kind I’ve ever seen.

Astronautalis (now Seattle based) was the last act of the night, starting his set from behind a roll-away podium as Professor Astronautalis. Veins bulged from his neck as he climbed and rocked over the stand like a crazed preacher delivering his message by way of beautiful rhyme and rhythm. After several tracks he embarrked on a suggestion-list freestyle of six items suggested by the audience, one such piece incorporating the suggestions of Lil Wayne, Voltrom, Hot Wheels Cars, Aqua Boogie, Torrenting and PBR. One freestyle involving the phrase “the head I’ll receive in my room tonight,” took a hilarious turn as it painted a scene of  not receiving head at all because he would be watching the last season of Lost and catching up on podcasts, usual post-show protocol for high profile rappers such as himself.

KRFH also managed to sell more beer cozies than tickets, which is impressive in its own right because several individuals would have had to buy more than one each to make that possible… They’re nice cozies though.

Winding down the night back at Das Gast Haus was truly excellent. Tom (Cars & Trains), Jacq (Bleubird) and Andy (Astro) are all extremely enjoyable and intelligent young men.  Conversations bounced from French to German to Chinese and Spanish- Andy having been to China for awhile to visit his Beijing-based brother (released the Astronautalis China EP to pay for his ticket there) and Jacq has only recently moved back to Fort Lauderdale from Berlin, a city I have a lot of interest in.

Last thought- this is the second batch of bands to stay the night this week and be totally sick, as in “unwell.” Das Gast Haus is making the transition to infirmary, die Krankenstation.